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Individual Psychotherapy

Face to face sessions and/or tele therapy.

Couples & Family

Face to face sessions for any dyad and/or family constellation.


Anger Management
LGBTQ Support


Grief and Loss

At the counseling center, we treat our clients with the utmost respect and compassion, and we approach our psycho therapeutic treatment from a soul tending approach, no matter if the presenting mental health issues are temporary or chronic in nature;  we use a variety of treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral and solution focused therapy, and we specialize in depth psychological treatment, which means that we explore dreams, metaphors, and synchronistic experiences and we take  other unconscious processes as well as transpersonal aspects of the human experience into account.

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"Dr Hauer was an amazing source of support and encouragement. Her genuine caring, compassion and insight helped me reach a new understanding of the person I want to be and how to get there.  I will be eternally grateful."–
"Dr Hauer is a very talented psychologist, a great listener, and she has great advice."–
"Dr Hauer was very professional yet personable, clinical yet compassionate. She helped me to be able to stop hurting myself, stop needing frequent hospitalizations, and eventually taught me how to save my own life. Overall she was the best therapist I ever had."–
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