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About The Couseling Center

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Meet the Clinician

Carola Hauer, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
PSY 25153

Having worked in outpatient psychiatry clinics and having worked in a hospital setting for many years, I have not only had the opportunity to learn a great deal about clients with severe mental health issues as well as those who are struggling with a dual diagnosis, but I have also had the opportunity to work with  those who are struggling with severe medical issues which too often lead to severe mental health issues, as well

I approach my work from a depth psychological perspective and it is important to me to look at my client not just as an individual but also pay attention to their surrounding circumstances. All of us are more than just a label and all of us are dealing not only with individual issues, but also universal issues. Many of us carry generational patterns that are burdensome in one way or another,


In my work with trauma survivors, it is most rewarding for me when I see clients being able to establish or re-establish a baseline, a level of daily functioning, that allows them to be more at peace, after a generally harsh and drawn out battle.


I feel that it is an honor to accompany clients facing the complex issues of grief and loss. As difficult as losing a loved one is, and as difficult it is to feel that one has lost a piece of themselves, in depth psychology we look at the re-birth which so often follows death. Grief work can often be likened to a  journey into the underworld, which is usually rewarded with the unique ability to then be able to be in the darkness as well as the light, simultaneously.


I have provided years and years of crisis intervention and assessment in an Emergency setting and worked with law enforcement and the fire department, as well as PERT and other supportive agencies. I have also been in private practice for many years, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed all my work, no matter where I serve. I currently am working as a consultant in Riverside and I am looking forward to the next chapter of my professional life here in Lake Arrowhead.

Dr. Carola Hauer's Clinical Background:

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